There is a wide rangeof accommodation available in Slovakia. These range from (http://www.aquacityresort...) AquaCity, based in Poprad, through to budget priced rooms (http://www.chataslovakia....) in rental chalets.

The most luxurious hotels can mostly be found in major cities such as Bratislava and Košice and in the major tourist destinations like the High Tatras or the spa towns the situation here is unique as the price of the hotel usually includes some of the spa procedures. These hotels offer Western style comfort and prices.

There will at least one hotel available in every major town or tourist area, but the quality varies. Some of the mid-range hotels were built during the Communist era in the corresponding architecture style, which might make them look less appealing from the outside, though the interiors might be perfectly adequate.

Budget hostels are mostly concentrated in the major cities, and you can expect typical hostel prices as in the rest of Central Europe. If you are venturing outside of cities, there are numerous mountain huts available for short-term rent in the mountain areas. Especially in touristy areas there will be many private rooms available for rent, look out for 'Zimmer Frei' signs. This typically does not include breakfast.

When hiking, official maintained mountain cabins offer cheap accommodation for hikers on trails in all of the national parks and a lot of the national conservation areas. They have a limited number of beds if any and generally limited capacity, so for the more frequented places during the high season an advance booking might be necessary and is recommended. If you don't manage to book a bed, you might be allowed to still stay overnight, sleeping on the floor in designated areas. Either way, you will probably want to bring your own sleeping bag. The facilities, due to the location, are limited, but there will be a shared toilet and possibly a shower. There's usually a kitchen that serves several hearty hot dishes and a number of drinks at pretty reasonable prices. For more information about prices and contact for mountain cabins in High Tatras see here.

It is only legal to pitch a tent in Slovakia outside national parks and propected natural zones where should be signposts but there might not depending on how and where you enter these, but camping is reasonably popular in summer. Camping grounds in Slovakia non-exhaustive list:

Name Region Location Address
Camping Bojnice Bojnice Kopálková Silvia
ATC Zlaté Piesky Bratislava Senecká cesta 2
Autocamping Bystrina Demänovská Dolina
Tília kemp Gäceľ Dolný Kubín Gäceľská cesta
Camping Kamzík Donovaly
Autocamping Margita a Ilona Levice-Kalinciakovo
Autokemp Levocska'Dolina Levoca
Autocamping Oravice Liesek
Autocamping Turiec s.r.o. Martin Kolóna Hviezda c. 92
Autocamping Slnava II Piestany
Autocamping Lodenica Piestany
Autocamping Tajov Tajov
Eurocamp FICC Tatranská Lomnica
Intercamp Tatranec Tatranská Lomnica Vysoke Tatry 202
Autocamping Na Ostrove Trencin
Autocamping Trusalová Turany
Autocamping Varín Varin
Autocamping Vavrisovo Vavrisovo