Many trains stop in Bakhchisaray when running between Kiev and Sevastopol.

Catch a minibus from Simferopol from the Zapadnaya Bus Station ~10uah.

Catch an electric train from Simferopol's train station to Bahkchisaray ~5uah.

Catch electric trains or minibuses from Sevastopol ~6-12uah

Trains arrive near the central market where local buses marshrootka will take you to the Old City and New City if you wait by the "Старый Город" and "Новый город" signs, respectively. Regional buses arrive at Bakhchisaray's central bus station. Local buses arrive and depart in front of the station where there is similar signage. Both bus and train stations have taxis waiting to take you to your destination as well. Expect to pay ~25uah to get to Hansaray by taxi. Marshrootka rates are currently 1.50uah.

Note: Prices as of spring 2009