Scuba diving - there are many reefs off the eastern coastline and as a result, there is some pretty awesome fish to see. Snorkeling is also pretty good here, as the water is very clear, and it's a lot cheaper! Snorkeling on the Western side is spotty to non-existent. Some of the locals recommended Darkwood beach as a location with good snorkeling off right off the beach. Not so. While the beach is stunningly beautiful and gloriously uncrowded, most of the "reef" is actually just grass. There is a a small fragment of reef at the southern end of the beach, but you have to be wary of the rough surf that tends to push you toward the rocks. The common advice is that the best snorkeling is to be reached by boat.


Dinghies, cats, cruisers can all be hired from many places around the island, and there are plenty of coves and natural harbours to explore. why not lay claim to the uninhabited island of redonda? the current king lives in england somewhere and he won't mind...


At shirley heights lookoutan old british fort and signal station near falmouth on sunday evenings to antiguan music and see the spectacular sunset over english harbour. arrive at 4 p.m. to catch the sunset, and by 7 p.m. you'll be eating barbecue and dancing to music by local bands. entry is us$6, which no longer includes a free drink. even if you can't attend the barbeque, shirley heights lookout boasts one of antigua's best views and lures tourists and locals alike.