Cycle Rentals

Until the arrival of the US military during the second world war, cars were entirely banned from the islands. Even now hire cars are banned, and only residents are permitted to own cars. Motorized bicycles or mopeds are available for hire and heavily used by locals and tourists as well. If you wish to use mopeds, rentals are very common, regulated and priced competitively, but beware: "Road Rash" is a very common affliction affecting many tourists. Note that travel is on the left side of the road opposite to U.S. travel.

More information available from:

Department of Public Transportation
Phone: +1 441 292-3851, operators of the bus service, (
Sea Express
Phone: +1 441 295-4506, operators of the ferry service, (
Bermuda Taxi Radio Cabs
Phone: +1 441 295-4141,
Bermuda Taxi Association
Phone: +1 441 296-2121,
Elbow Beach Cycles
Phone: +1.441.296.2300, scooter rental, cycle rental, moped hire (http://www.elbowbeachcycl...).
Oleander Cycles
Phone: +1 441 236-2453, cycle rental, (
Wheels Cycles (Astwood) Ltd.
Phone: +1 441 292-2245, cycle rental, (