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Although it should go without saying, Bermuda can get very hot during the day, so a bottle of water is very handy for those venturing more than a short distance from their hotels.

Health care in Bermuda is incredibly expensive, and is roughly at American standards. There is one hospital on the island, the King Edward VII Memorial, with emergency services, including a decompression chamber. Air Ambulance service is available to additional medical services on the East Coast of the US. There is no government-funded National Health Service.


The principal language spoken is English, although many Bermudians have a strong accent. Bermuda has a unique accent not really similar to any other Caribbean country. Most people claim it resembles the Southern US in some cases. Portuguese is the second most widely spoken language.


Bermuda is divided into nine parishes from east to west:

St. George's Parish - Encompassing the area around the historic Town of St. George as well as the island of St. David's across its harbor.

Hamilton Parish - Location of Crystal Caves and Bermuda Aquarium and Zoo.

Smith's Parish - Home to Flatts Village, Spittle Pond Nature Preserve and Devil's Hole Aquarium.

Devonshire Parish - The quiet parish.

Pembroke Parish - Where the city of Hamilton is located.

Paget Parish - Numerous resorts, Elbow Beach, Bermuda Botanical Gardens and Paget Marsh for birdwatching.

Warwick Parish - Golf, horseback riding and the island's best cliffs.

Southampton Parish - The best beaches and Gibbs Hill Lighthouse.

Sandys Parish - The Royal Naval Dockyard fortress and shops, but also Somerset Village, Fort Scaur, Gilbert Nature Reserve and some fine beaches.