El Salvador

typical beverages and fruits

Try the most delicious Horchata made from rice and "morro" seeds and Cebada a smooth and sweet pink barley refreshment. If you prefer at your own risk to drink natural juices, such as: guava, jocote, arrayan, chirimoya, granadilla de "moco" and marañon. Furthermore, you should try to savour the local fruit, as: jocotes, marañon japones, green mango with salt, lime, alhuaiste (ground pumpkin seed, manzana pedorra orig.from Los Planes de Renderos, "nance", "red or yellow almendras" salvadorenias, "hicaco", "paterna" (also try the cooked paterna seed with lime and hot pepper, and don't miss the suave and liquory aroma of "carao".