El Salvador

By plane
By plane

Visitors traveling by plane arrive at El Salvador International Airport in Comalapa, located forty-five minutes outside of the capital's city limits. The airport code is SAL.

TACA Airlines is the national airline of El Salvador. TACA acquired the national airlines of Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, and Guatemala so it also serves those countries; currently is in the process of merging with Avianca, thus expanding services further to South America and Spain. TACA flies a fleet of new A319s, A320s, and A321s throughout North, Central, and South America. However, Taca regularly has the highest ticket prices and savvy buyers would do well to compare options using an online service such as kayak.com.

A US$32 departure tax must be paid upon departure. Depending on the airline, the full amount or part of the tax may already be included in the price of your ticket and the amount you must pay will vary from US$0 - US$32.

Other airlines that fly into El Salvador include American Airlines from Miami and Dallas, United from Houston, Newark, and Washington, D.C., Delta from Atlanta, Spirit from Fort Lauderdale, Iberia from Madrid, Copa from Panama City, Avianca (from Bogota, and Aeromexico from Mexico City.

By bus
By bus

Numerous buses also traverse the highways of the country. Domestic bus services are typically very cheap not more than two or three dollars for even the longest rides and difficult to understand. The buses themselves are often very well painted and adorned with all kinds of posters and trinkets, ranging from the religious to the pop-culture. Longer bus rides may include a stop in some town where plenty of mujeres, and sometimes their children, too, will board hawking mangos, nuts, water, and even sometimes fried chicken in a box. There is no central agency that coordinates bus routes and schedules, so it is best to just ask the cobrador where the bus is going and when. Most are very friendly and helpful, but do watch out for scams on the buses.


Anyone riding the buses visitor or local must take caution in riding the buses and microbuses that are seen around the country. The buses are often crammed and it is very easy to be robbed. The buses are cheap and are a great way to get around, but remember that as a visitor you are at a higher risk of being robbed. If you must ride a bus take extra care of yourself and your belongings.

The following bus companies offer luxury and safer bus travel between El Salvador and other Central American destinations:

Tica Bus (http://www.ticabus.com/in...): 2 terminals in San Salvador. Covers all Central American countries including Tapachula, Mexico. First Class option available on longer routes which include onboard meals and drinks.

Pullmantur (http://www.pullmantur.com) : connects Guatemala - San Salvador - Tegucigalpa. Luxury Double Decker Coach Travel with First Class option available. Includes onboard meals and drinks.

Arsotur arsotur@yahoo.com tel - (00 502 5705 6393) Direct shuttle service from Antigua, Guatemala to El Roble Hostal, Playa San Diego and other beaches of El Salvador.