Trinidad and Tobago

Tourist visas do not permit employment. In order to work, one must obtain a work permit for the job and there must be no suitably qualified nationals to fill the job. In addition, to pay taxes, one needs to apply for a BIR file number used like a social security number and a PAYE number. One must file tax returns every year if taxes are owed, and pay those taxes.

University of the West Indies

St. augustine campus

University of the Southern Caribbean

There is also the

Other smaller colleges offer external degrees and diplomas from foreign institutions such as the University of London and City and Guilds of London.

Be careful where you park. High end hotels like the Nornandie has reported a drastic increase in vehicular break in. Recently one was reported while the secured car park was almost empty and two security guards was on duty.

pre-lenten carnival

The annual festival of Carnival is one of the most famous things about Trinidad and Tobago.There are many beautiful dances and a lot of celebrating around this time. Every year on the Sunday, Monday and Tuesday before Ash Wednesday and the season of Lent, thousands of costumed revelers parade on the streets in an annual street party dubbed "The Greatest Show On Earth." They are accompanied by music from steel bands, with calypso and soca music played on large loudspeakers carried on large trucks. In the buildup to the two day Carnival celebration there are other activities including Calypso tents indoor calypso concerts, the "Panorama" steelband competition, Soca monarch, Chutney Soca monarch, as well as open air parties called fetes. Carnival Monday and Tuesday are not official public holidays, but many businesses and all schools close for those two days anyway. Carnival derives from the French traditions which were adopted by African slaves.

Carnival is both a "See" and "Do" activity. One can just stand at the side of the road and watch the parade of the bands, or actually participate and "play mas." Many tourists participate in Carnival bands. Booking well in advance is a must as the spaces fill up quickly. Getting in shape is also a must as many costumes are very skimpy. In fact some locals' physical fitness goals are centered around Carnival.


There are quite a few nightclubs in Trinidad and Tobago, especially in the Chaguaramas area. Pier 1, Anchorage, Base, MoBS2 to name a few. Some very popular night clubs are Club Zen and 51 Degrees Lounge in Port of Spain and Sting nightclub in La Romaine, as well as Space la Nouba and Prive, both also in La Romaine. However, due to the crime situation, caution is advised and it is a good idea to be with a group rather than by yourself.


One can play golf at several golf courses throughout Trinidad and Tobago. Some courses are 9 holes and others are 18 holes. Two popular golf courses are the St. Andrews' Golf course ( in Maraval just outside of Port of Spain and the Mt. Irvine Golf Course in Tobago.