Villa Unión

The nearest airport is the Capitán Vicente Almandos Amonacide Airport in La Rioja, 3 kilometers from the city center of the city of La Rioja. Three weekly flights are offered between Buenos Aires and La Rioja by Aerolineas Argentinas.

The international route from Villa Unión to Copiapó in Chile is under construction and will soon be opened, with a paved road and a tunnel, allowing crossing of the Andes the whole year round on good roads, which is believed to improve life in the little town of Villa Unión in the coming years, for it's new strategic position for international trade.


From La Rioja:

07:00 Facundo 12:00 Facundo 13:00 Arce 19:00 El Zonda 20:00 20 de Mayo

From Chilecito:

12:30 Invanlor

From San Juan:

18:00 G-Team - Daily door-to-door service. Arrival in Villa Unión at 21:00.22:00 Transportes Fernández Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday