El Solar del Convento

Half a block east of the main square, caseros 444. serve free champange while you choose from the menu. inexpensive yet elegant dining with excellent steaks and wines. 27 dec 2010: champagne not free, $8 pesos each

Dana Salta
Córdoba 46

Cordoba 46. a short 2 minute walk from the 9 de july square. the meat and wine were top shelf and it was 144 pesos for two which included a bottle of don david malbec and a steak you could not get through and empanadas as a starter. service was excelent. ambience was very good having a very spanish flavour.

Viejo Jack
Avenida Virrey Toledo 145
422 3911

Incredible food, low prices, and friendly service. Portions are huge--main meat courses are designed to shared. Try the picana, you won't be sorry.

El Palacio De La Pizza
117 Caseros

The cheesy sign above the entrance should come down, this place is well above the standard of that nasty sign. The only thing missing is the view of rolling greens hills from the windows, as you are served this wonderful Argentinian food. Two flavorful Saltinian Empanada's, a litre of Salta's finest beer, a basket full of fresh bread, Tin full of Olive oil, a slightly overdone veal steak, gorgeous green salad....47 Argentine dollars. Fabuloso...

La Céfira
481 Cordoba

They serve very nice pastas and sauces. Good value for the price.

El Buen Gusto Empanadas

Go very local with this hidden gem for empanadas. a very traditional small, simple restaurant, that offers one of the best empanadas in salta. you should call in advance to order the food before 9:00 pm since they cook limited number of empanadas. o'higgins street 575, tel: 0387-4214861.

Doña Lola

(, traditional salteã±an food in a very nicely restored old house which also contains a small museum of local artifacts.