the airport is 5 km south of the city centre. Bus "8A" runs between the airport and the bus terminal. The Aerolíneas Argentinas office is located at Caseros 475, tel. 0387 431 0258.
there are connections to all major cities in Argentina. The bus station is just one block from Parque San Martín, or 8 blocks from the main plaza. A taxi to the main tourist office in Buenos Aires cale street will cost 5 pesos. agree on the price before leaving the bus terminal and get the meter docket from the driver

Buenos Aires around 20 hours - 500 pesos camaAug 2012. Puerto Iguazú 24 hours, 611 pesos cama FlechaBus June 2012La Quiaca 7 hours - 57 pesos company: Balut (6 each day , FlechaBus and Andesmar 50 pesos per personTucuman 4 hours - 120 pesos FlechaBus, Feb 2012Cafayate 4 hours - 60 pesos Companies: El Indio / Flecha Feb 2012Cordoba 13 hours - 188/202 pesos semi-cama/camabought in February. Jan 2012 - Semi Cama 350 pesos 13 hours Andesmar.Formosa 13 hours advertised but took 16 hours The FlechaBus is semi cama sleep in aircraft cattle class seats 181 pesos at october 09. The bus stops at every town along the road. You will receive a packet of two buscuits on departure and unless you know the system you will not get a chance to buy food on the trip so buy something before boarding the bus. There is a toilet on board and is reasonably clean for the whole journey. The bus departs Formosa at 5.10pm daily

Mendoza 18 hours - 480 pesos semi-cama Jul 2011

From Jujuy it's possible to take a combi shared taxi for Ar$10. - Take Care "Combis" are not legal transportation -