The old town hall, of 1783, on the plaza 9 de julio. now houses the museo histã³rico del norte

MAAM museum
Mitre 77
+54 387 437 0499
40 pesos (10 pesos international student card holder ISIC)
Tu-Su and holidays 11AM-7:30PM
Plaza 9 de Julio

The Museo de Arqueología de Alta Montaña exhibits the discovery of the three incas "Llullaillaco Children" found frozen at the peak of Mount Llullaillaco.

Cerro San Bernardo
Camino Cerro San Bernardo

1458 m hill just east of the city centre. from parque san martin, a cable car goes to the summit, offering spectacular views of the city and its surroundings 10 pesos each way, 20 pesos return. taking 1070 steps up the hill leaving from the statue of gã¼emes a little bit north of the cable car station is another option about 30 mins.

20 de Febrero 831
+54 387 422 9417
10 pesos
10 blocks north of the main plaza.

A fantastic museum in Salta and definitely worth a look.It is called "Pajcha" and is a collection of traditional art, textiles, icons and jewlery from all over South and Central America. It is facinating. For only 10 pesos you get entry to the private museum and for an additional 15 pesos you get a personalised guided tour from one of the directors. The enthusiasm is palpable and fantastic learning from a knowledgeable source. They know everything because they had personally collected everything in the museum. tours also English.

Tren a las Nubes

Train to the clouds. as the name tells, it is a day trip by train up in the mountains to la povorilla at 4220 meters over the sea level. runs from april to november, two times a week wednesday and saturday with extra services during the high season easter & winter holiday. cost us$120 us$140 high season. book by phone 0800-888-nubes, online (http://www.trenalasnubes....) or a couple of days before at any city excursion office. the trip takes a whole day, leaving salta at 7:15am and returning between 11.00pm and midnight. the dining car on the train and the bar car are a bit expensive but you are allowed to bring your own food. a breakfast and afternoon snack is included. coca leaf tea helps prevent altitude sickness and coca leaves are provided by the train staff. there are nurses on board and oxygen for those who suffer ill effects from the altitude. the trip is long and the seats are somewhat cramped for leg space but generally the services and staff are excellent. the experience is fantastic as the scenery is rugged and variable with a feast for the eyes at every turn. the engineering of the track was a masterpiece in its day.

Iglesia San Francisco

On the corner of caseros and cã³rdoba, of 1796, beautiful church with remarkable tower.

Museo Antropológico

(http://www.antropologico....), avenida ejã©rcito del norte. offers a very interesting insight into various indigenous cultures, which have flourished throughout the centuries in this part of argentina

Museo El Tribuno Guillermo Pajerrito Velarde
Pueyrredon 106
54 387 421-2921
mo-fr 10am-2pm,3pm-6pm, sa 10am-2pm

Wonderfull small house-museum that is a tribute to Velarde 1895-1965, who was a lawyer and banker, but more important a bohemian patron of arts, especially tango, when it was still not accepted by society in Salta. The guide does a great job of presenting the colorful tales. She only speak spanish, but if you do not understand spanish, she will just ask one of the other guest to translate to english.