Colonia Suiza

Colonia Suiza is a village in Rio Negro. It is picturesquely situated near the Lago Perito Moreno, about 24km from Bariloche or 13km from Llao-llao.

The village was founded in the late 19th century by Camilo and Felix Goye and Maria Felley. They were originally from the canton of Vaud in Switzerland, but had previously lived for 10 years in Chile. They came for a purpose: According to the ley de hogar, the settlers land law, they were offered a plot of land free of charge under the condition that they develop it within 10 years or it would fall back to the state. More immigrants followed: Mermoud, Cretton and Jacquards, as well as Pothoff and Neu.

Today the place - which had originally been barren pampa - is a village with swiss-style chalets, many shady trees and it mainly caters for tourists from nearby Bariloche.