San Carlos de Bariloche

El Boliche de Alberto
Elflein 158

(http://www.elbolichedealb...) has, according to some, the best meat in argentina. there are two restaurants in town, and one located about 8 kilometers out of town. ask a taxi driver to take you there. be aware that if you arrive after 8pm, you may have to wait in line for 30 mins or more, especially if you are a party of 6 or more. please note that el boliche de alberto has a meat version of the restaurant which specialises in meats such as beef, chicken or pork etc. and there is a pasta version which serves a variety of different pastas.

Parrilla El Refugio del montañ Julian
San Martín 574

(http://www.laparrilladeju...) is at san martin 590 also called "el refugio del montaã±es". family-owned restaurant atmosphere (especially compared to the tourist-trap feel of el boliche de alberto adds to the experience. the meat is very good, you don't have to wait 2 hrs to enjoy it, and the location is conveniently on one of the main avenues in bariloche. however serving sizes are quite small and pricey ar$200 for a modest 2 person dinner with desert and no wine

Casita Suiza

Is one of the best regional restaurants in bariloche. you also can ask swiss specialties like fondues, raclettes and pierrades.

Cassis Restaurant
Lago Gutiérrez, Río Negro Province

02944-476167, peã±ã³n de arelauquen, ruta 82, lago gutiã©rrez.

24 de Septiembre y Saavedra
2944 434774
AR$ 80
noon-3PM, 8PM-midnight

Frequented by locals and travellers. The building is entirely built of Patagonian Cypress and stone. The menu pursues the idea simple but delicious, choosing top quality local products and combining creativity with refined traditions. Try great Argentinian steak: beef, pork and Patagonian lamb, trout and salmon. Neat service.

Urquiza 189

Small sandwich shop that serves delicious food in massive portions. Offers many types of sandwiches and just about any type of topping for them that you can think of for low prices. The owner is very friendly and speaks Spanish, Hebrew, and a little English. Located behind the Museum of Patagonia.

Taberna Breogan Celta

also on san martin, one of the main avenues is this local restaurant featuring the local smoked wild game. especially recommended is the meat-n-cheese plate featuring venison, wild boar, salmon, and two kinds of cheese.

Santos Resto

( espana 268 just a few blocks west of the centro civico. excellent atmosphere, food and service. fine food and dining in a casual, chic atmosphere.


This downtown restaurant serves amazing Middle Eastern food. The best ethnic food in town.