El Calafate

La Toldería
Av Del Libertador Gral. San Martin 1177

Patagonic Lamb "cordero patagónico" is the main dish. Typical barbecue asado is very good. But if you are tired of meat, just try pizza and "empanadas" at La Toldería bar, Libertador 1177.

Don Pichón

Is a very good grill and restaurant.

Pura Vida

Is a colourful joint with tasty dishes and nice lake views managed by 4 youngsters with a 'vision'.

La Vaca Atada
Av Del Libertador Gral. San Martin 1176, El Calafate, Santa Cruz Province

At La Vaca Atada The tied cow:-, ask the "milanesa completa". If you like meat, don´t even ask what is it, just surprise yourself. It is a dely.

La Tablita
Coronel Rosales, 24

Is the first restaurant that locals mention when you ask where to eat. it receives mixed reviews but provides steaks and grilled patagonian lamb.

Don´t miss:


At Sancho, 25 de Mayo 90, ask for the stuffed beaf, or "Bife de Lomo relleno".

La Chancha y los 20

At La Chancha y los 20, Libertador 1250, ask for brochettes.One brochette is enough for 2 normal persons.

Pizzeria La Lechuza

At Pizzeria La Lechuza A Patagonian Owl on Ave. Libertador try the great empanadas, pizza and different kinds of milanesas. If possible, avoid the English-language menu as it makes no sense.