El Chalten

KouSeki Mountain SPA
Cerro Solo 136
10-13, 16-20
Same block as El Gringuito supermarket

Offers a variety of therapeutic and relaxing massages, complemented by Thai herbal sauna and steaming compresses.

Lago del Desierto

A dead-end ripio road about 37 km one way leads you to the very remote Lago del Desierto through a wonderful valley along a river. You can do easy hikes and strolls there and enjoy the peace and quiet.



This area is a trekking mecca.

Laguna de los Tres

8 hours mostly easy round trip from the town. there are outstanding views of the fitz roy range along the way. the trail ends at the cobalt-blue laguna de los tres, at the base of cerro fitz roy. the last 1.5 kilometers of this hike are very steep and exposed, and as a result some hikers choose to overnight at the nearby campamento poincenot prior to climbing the last, difficult stretch, though its absolutely possilbe to do the whole trek form town. a 500-meter, well marked additional trail winds around to to the left of laguna de los tres and leads to a spectacular, cliffside overview of laguna sucia, some 200 meters below laguna de los tres.

Laguna Torre

6 hours easy round trip that leads to a lake at the base of the dramatic cerro torre, which, although only 3100 meters tall, was not summited until 1975, a generation after all the 8000-meter+ himalayan peaks had been conquered. cerro torre's near vertical walls and a permanent, unstable ice veneer at its summit defeated all earlier attempts. backpackers can combine the laguna de los tres and laguna torre treks using connecting side-trails that create a loop.