Carnival in Brazil Rio, Salvador


Oktoberfest in Blumenau, SC started in 1983. is certainly the biggest Oktoberfest in South America, and rivaling Kitchener, Ontario Canada as the biggest Oktoberfest outside of Germany. Decent-sized aluminum mugs Stein start at about 14 BRL. Aluminum mugs make a great souvenir because they are very typical in Brazil they can be found anywhere in Brazil with the soccer team logos printed on them, but in Blumenau they have Oktoberfest themes depicted. Holding out your Stein/mug during the parades on XV de Novembro will result in plenty of free beer. At night, the parties are held at the Vila Germânica where there is fun for everyone and beer is sold at 4.25 BRL there's even a kids room for families who bring their children. The first pavilion is where all the microbrews can be found cervejas artesanais. Only Brahma is served in the 2nd and 3rd pavilions, and the 3rd pavilion is where the GLBT crowd flocks to when the band stops playing in the 3rd pavilion, they start playing pop and electronic music. Admission on weekends costs 15 BRL. It's half-price for students and free if you wear an Oktoberfest costume costumes sold in Blumenau on XV de Novembro for 150 BRL. Music during the parade is mostly in Portuguese but music played at the Vila Germânica is mostly in German. The peak of the festival hits during the long weekend, which is usually the second weekend of the three-weekend festival.