Falkland Islands

By Land Rover

Land Rover rental may be possible from Stanley. Contact either the Falkland Islands Company (http://www.the-falkland-i...) or Stanley Services info@falklandislandsholidays.com for information. Roads in Stanley are paved, but elsewhere road conditions range from well-maintained dirt roads to boggy mud streams. Unless your travels specifically require having your own vehicle, renting a Land Rover is neither necessary nor a particularly good idea.

By plane
By plane

Traveling between islands in the Falklands is generally done using the Falkland Islands Government Air Service FIGAS. The planes are Britten Norman Islander aircraft, capable of carrying eight passengers plus pilot. Be aware however, that passenger load may be reduced depending on the condition of the airstrips being visited. With the exception of Stanley and Mount Pleasant, all airstrips in the Falklands are either dirt strips or grassy fields. Be prepared for slight delays while livestock is cleared from airstrips prior to takeoff/landing!

FIGAS flights leave twice daily from the airstrip just outside of Stanley and travel to a variety of locations throughout the islands. There is a baggage limit of 20 kg per person which is strictly enforced; you and your baggage will be weighed prior to boarding in Stanley. For those with more than 14 kg of baggage there is an additional charge of £1.00 per kilogram, space permitting. Note that unless the plane is flying to an island with a very poor landing strip there are almost never weight constraints that would prevent traveling with a few extra kilos of baggage.

Reservations are required for travel and should be booked at least 24 hours in advance. Booking reservations can be done either by calling the airport Tel: 27219, emailing freservations@figas.gov.fk or visiting the airport in person when it is open hours vary depending on flight schedules but mid-morning is usually a good time. Flight schedules are announced the night before departure and are also available via a fax service. Most lodges will post the schedule as soon as it is announced.

Flights can be paid for in cash or with credit card. Fares vary by destination but sample fares one-way from November 2009 were:

Stanley to Sea Lion Island: £59.46

Stanley to Port Howard: £58.75

Saunders Island to Pebble Island: £25.38

Pebble Island to Stanley: £64.43

By taxi
By taxi

Within Stanley there are two taxi services that can be hired for travel throughout the town and surrounding areas, including the Mount Pleasant airport.

By ship
By ship

While it is theoretically possible to get around the Falklands by boat, as of March 2010 there was no regular service available to tourists traveling in small groups to the outer islands; contrary to reports in guide books, the Golden Fleece does not taxi passengers around the islands. For large groups it may be possible to charter a boat in advance thus providing a great way to visit some of the less-traveled islands. Be aware that per-passenger landing fees are charged on many of the islands; contact the island's owner before visiting.

However there is a regular passenger ferry between New Haven, 2 hours car journey from Stanley to Port Howard. Ferry tickets must be booked in advance from Workboat Services on 22300. As of December 2008 example prices were:Foot Passage single £10; Car Passage single £25.

Large cruise ships are the most common means for people to visit the Falklands, and most will make several landings at various islands. Note that aside from Stanley all landings from cruise ships are done using zodiacs small inflatable boats, and in many cases the lack of docking areas will require a quick wade from the zodiac onto shore.