The most popular national drink is Caribbean-style dark rum. Some national favorites are XM "10" Year OLD, produced by local beverage giant BANKS DIH Limited, and El Dorado and X-tra Mature which both offer 5, 10, 12 and 25 year varieties. El Dorado also offers a 15 year old variety which has won the "Best Rum in the World" award since 1999. Mix the cheaper ones with Coke or coconut water if you please. All are quality enough to drink neat or by themselves with the 25 year-olds comparing with high-quality scotch.

Banks Beer produced by local beverage giant Banks DIH Limited is the National beer. It comes in a lager and a stout Milk StoutThe beverage giant also bottles and distributes Heineken Beer and Guiness Stout under license. Also available are the lighter Carib Trinidad and Tobago and darker Mackeson's. Guinness is brewed locally under license and is a bit sweeter than its Irish counterpart, but just as good. Polar Venezuelan and Skol Brazilian can be found randomly throughout the country. You can also find Heineken and Corona at posher bars in Georgetown.