Most people who live in the rural areas of Paraguay are sustenance farmers. Other people who live in urban areas are marketeers. They sell fish, fruit and vegetables, and other products.

Although there are few Spanish language learning schools, there are however quite a few snake skin peeling courses available in most small towns. For a moderate to high price depending on the expertise, you train with the snake skinners for one day at their personal ranch while learning the ins and outs of the reptiles local to the area. Most are non-venomous just be on the lookout for two headed ones that might get you while you have your hand around another. Most lessons go into the evening where the skinner or hunter will prepare a dinner featuring the snake meat, while preserving the skin of course. Most commonly cooked on the grill, snake is a common delicacy unique to Paraguay.

As far as languages go, however, there is a uniquely Paraguayan language called Guaraní. It is an indigenous language spoken widely outside of Asuncion. Most Paraguayans can speak both Spanish and Guaraní. The Guaraní that is spoken is not pure--instead is uses Spanish words as well especially when the word in Guaraní is more complicated than the corresponding Spanish word. Classes to learn Guaraní are unheard of for foreigners though in the big cities, students who speak Spanish as their first language can opt to learn Guaraní as a second language. There are books available in stores, though the best way to learn would be to speak to the locals.

You can learn local artisanry such as ñanduti embroidery and ao poi at the Instituto Paraguayode Artesanía. Find out more at: