Travel on camels in the Sahara desert. Locations:

South Algeria,Tassilli-National Park

Get on cable cars in constantine,algiers,annaba,oran and tlemcen for breath-taking from above views.

Hike the ahaggar mountains to see a great sunset.

Desert surfing on sahara dunes.

Jump from sea cliffs of Annaba

Walk through the "jardin d'essaie" botanic garden

Go clubbing in oran

Unemployment is at 9%, the government encourages foreign investment in different sectors. Unemployment is, however, one major problem in Algeria. In fact, it is very difficult to identify the phenomenon in the absence of a real substantive work, able to give an exact idea of the exact extent of the phenomenon. What we know, for cons, is that the informal economy and undeclared work occupies a vast majority of Algerians and spares no industry. Some sources estimate that about 40% of the part played by the informal sector in the country's economic activity, and the phenomenon has never been considered in the evaluation of the unemployment rate in Algeria.

The safest way and most friendly to learn is to get closer to a small circle of people and listen. There is also a tradition of oral transmission of knowledge. It is also good to be open to others and not to refuse what you offer: accept it willingly.