Algerian food is delicious,varries from region to an other,in general its a mixture of berber,french,mediterranianitalian,spanish and turkish and arab cuisine.

Couscous steamed semolina with sauce containing meat and/or potatoes, carrots, courgette, and chick peas

Algerian Tajines stew

variety of algerian pasta chekh-choukha in the east,Trida,Chawwat...


Chwa algerian BBQ

variety of soups Hrira in the west,Frik in the east

variety pf breads french baguettes,Kesra,Matloua',khobz-eddar ..

Buseluf cooked lambs head

Dowara stew of stomach and intestines with courgette and chick peas

Chorba a meaty soup

Rechta hand made spaghetti, usually served with a clear chicken broth, potatoes & chick peas

Chakchouka normally, it has green peppers, onions and tomatoes; egg may be added

Mechoui charcoal grilled lamb

Algerian pizza

Mediterranean juices grenadine, orange; very sweet green tea, and strong coffee.

Qalb El Louz dessert containing almonds

Baklava almond cakes drenched in honey

Ktayef a kind of baked vermicelli, filled with almonds and drenched in sugar, syrup, and honey