Annaba has countless places to eat. Whether they be small family owned cafes, and restaurants to big fancy places there is a wide range of places to chose from. The fancier restaurants are almost exclusively located at La Corniche, and by major beaches. However, cafes and restaurants are located all over town.

Where ever one goes in Algeria, whether they are in the west, east or south of the country, trying the pizza sold at local cafes and restaurants is a must. Similar to the way Italians make pizza in Italy, it is delicious, and a welcome change to the usual round, heavy, topping filled pizza served in most western countries. One thing Annaba specializes in, is "bourek". Bourek is an Algerian "eggroll". The east of Algeria, and more so Annaba, specializes in this delicacy. It's a must have when visiting Annaba.

Enjoying a coffee and croissant at a cafe with the locals is always a good thing.