Similar to that of Libya, Algerian tourism is best known for its ancient ruins—principally those from the Phoenician, Roman, and Byzantine eras. Some of the most famous include Timgad near Batna, Hippo Regius at Annaba, Djemila at Sétif, Calama at Guelma, and ruins from all three empires at Tipasa.

While better known for the Roman ruins, Algeria's greatest tourist possibilities lie in the Sahara; there simply is no other country on earth that can offer the sort of exciting and exotic adventures around the great desert. The crown jewel is the center of Mozabite culture in the M'zab Valley. The five interconnected cities are a breathaking architectural playground evocative of modern cubist and surrealist art. They simply must be seen in person. But the landscapes are impressive as well: the harsh, rugged Saharan Atlas mountains, the endless desert and Hoggar Mountains around the country's desert capital of Tamanrasset, the huge dunefield of Grand Erg Oriental at El-Oued, and the ancient rock carvings of Djelfa and the Saharan National Park of Tassili N'Ajjer.

The Mediterranean beaches in Algeria are woefully underdeveloped, despite excellent potential, owing to the country's poor security situation scaring off almost all tourists. But if you are in the country for a while, a bit of relaxation will at some point be in order, and there is no need to fly over to Tunisia. Oran urban on the Turquoise Coast, Annaba, and particularly Skikda and Ghazaouet all have nice beaches. The spot to go near Algiers is undoubtedly the resort town of Sidi Fredj.

Of Algeria's major cities, you may be surprised at the number of things to see. Algiers is a big, beautiful, thriving Mediterranean city with great architecture, ranging from French colonial superbe buildings like the "Grande Poste", a mix of French and Arab architecture to the ancient area of the Casbah. Oran is a wonderful and dynamic city in the West of Algeria with a lively feeling, very good seafood restaurants, beaches, museums, nightclubs, mosques, churches, castles... Annaba, Skikda, Mostaganem, Cherchell, Tipaza and Bejaia are other beautifuls coastal cities where great architecture meets the magic blue of the sea.

Constantine is an incredible city with awesome buildings built on huge cliffs, the whole city is crossed by bridges, overlooking the Rhummel river and the's the oldest city in the country,built by phoenicians,romans,ottomans,french and arabs.a great mixture lf history,nature and culture.its famous for its suspended bridges,ruins,cuisine,traditional dresses and local andlucian music "Malouf" .it is also famous for its sweets such "Baklawa" "harissa" "chbah-safra" and the very famous "djawziya",all of them can be bought from shops in the ottoman "Medina" kasbah and swika

Tlemcen is a jewel in the Western part of Algeria, next to the Moroccan border. It is a former capital of the Maghreb region and enjoys numerous amazing Moorish buildings such as mosques but Tlemcen is also a city of art with handicraft, Arabo-Andalu music and traditions. The "Lalla Setti" plateau overlooks the city and can be reached by a brand new cable car, there can be found parks, restaurants, woods, fountains, a splendid hotel and an incredible view on the city and its surroundings.