Gogounou is a town in Northern Benin.

Passing through the heart of Gogounou is Rte 2. The town's charm can't be embraced while flying by in a taxi or charter bus. Market day, every Friday, brings colorfully dressed vendors of a potpourri of cultures. Tourists will see Bariba, Peuhl, Tuareg and Guando in their unique, vibrant, attention-stealing garb.

The bazaar provides a mix of items varying in utility; nex to mangoes, tomatoes, and rice a vendor of traditional jewelry makes change for the voudoun healer seeling dried crocadile bead, bat wings and snake skins.

A strong Muslim presence is also reflected in the market. Gold-gilded ornate copies of the Qu'ran, prayer mats and beads as well as embroidered hats are common place. The 17hr call to prayer is also an impressive display of the normally quiet village's strong, rich cultural diversity.