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French and algerian specialties jountchirantikou – maison “volvo” tel:

La Breche Bar and Restaurant

Directions: all zemidjans motorcycle taxis know la breche. la breche is beautifully placed on the top of one of the hills that overlooks the whole valley in which natitingou sits. they also have a tata somba traditional 2 story mud fortress built and used by the ditamaari, a local tribe in this region. where you can sit on the top story and eat and drink. service is usually less than reliable, but the food is excellent and the view is amazing.

Grilled Steak with couscous or spaghetti 4.000 f CFA per person this is a lot of food and it's well presented Rabbit and a side 1.300 f CFA Brochettes 500 f CFA All Sides couscous, fries, spaghetti 1.000 f CFA Full line of beers and soft drinks in large and small, as well as sodabe, the local hard liquor from the south of Benin, and the local millet beer, called tchouk.

Quartier Generale Bar and Restaurant

Directions: if you are on the goudrone main road going north, after you pass the big round point and the post, you will see a sign for the museum musee on the right. if you turn left instead, you will see the beer signs on the fence in front of it. this bar may lack aesthetics, but the service is amazing and it’s located in the very center of town, right down the street from hotel tata somba. this is also a good place to stop if you want to watch beninese television. the food may take a while, but the family who runs this bar is always more than willing to make your wait as pleasant as possible.

Omelette Sandwich 500 f CFA Chicken and a side 1.500 f CFA Guinea Fowl and a side 1.500 f CFA Sides Couscous or Fries 1.000 f CFA A full line of beers and soft drinks are available.