Grand Popo

Every hotel has a restaurant serving a mix of European and African dishes.

Chez Desir
500 CFA

Local fare fish, rice, pâte, etc. Also a good place to have a beer.

Gloire de Dieu
RNIE Cotonou Lomé avant la brigade de gendarmerie de GP
from 700 CFA

Local fare Rice, fish, meat, akasa, and sauce.

mid-range (700-3000 cfa)

Ibis Bel; Main dish is between 1,200 and 2,500 CFA. They are right at the main intersection and there is usually a fair number of people eating or just having a drink.

budget (under 600 cfa)

Street vendors – Most vendors serve some combination of fish, rice, beans, sauce, and hardboiled eggs. Some also have pâte white cornmeal paste and sauce. Plates should cost around 100 to 200 CFA.

Chez Dewali – Serves pounded yam fufu and sauce usually with goat or fish.