Grand Popo

Grand Popo has very little traffic. You can pick up a zem usually wearing a green shirt and baseball cap, but not always easily at the carrefour, but sometimes, you’ll have to wait a while to get one on the side of the road. Walking is also a good option as most restaurants and hotels are located on a main stretch of road. To get to some of the tourist sites, you will need a pirogue or a motorboat, which will be provided by a tour guide.

The best way to see the sites besides the beach is to engage a tour guide. Talk to your hotel about finding a reputable guide – don’t trust guys who come up to you on the side of the road; even if they offer an attractive deal. The government doesn’t have a system of authorizing guides yet, but hotels usually work with the same guides over and over and can recommend someone trustworthy. Also ask them about pricing. There are two circuits depending on how much time you have and how much you would like to spend. The first goes to sites close by and uses a pirogue to get around on the river. It usually costs around 10,000 CFA per person, though discounts for larger groups can be arranged. The second, longer, circuit goes out to where the river Mono meets the ocean for which you need a motorboat. This costs more – generally starting at 40,000 CFA.