Violence is rare, but be smart about wearing jewelry or anything else that would make you stand apart from the crowd. Take a taxi after dark if you're unsure of the area. Be aware that Boko Haram, a Nigerian jihadist group, operates with other Islamists and Salafists in the north of Cameroon, and they have kidnapped Europeans, Canadians, Americans and other Westerners there. Boko Haram may implement very harsh forms of sharia law including amputation for theft. Churchgoers should not proselytize to Muslims, gathering in large groups should be avoided due to possible suicide bombings, and alcohol should not be consumed in public. Book Haram usually travel on motorbikes and in pick-up trucks. An offshoot with links to al-Qaeda, the Ansar Muslimeen fi Biladi Sudan, which translates as "Protection of Muslims in Black Lands", also carries out attacks and harsh sharia-compliant punishments.

Yellow Fever certificates are required for travel to Cameroon.

Malaria is common, especially in the central and southern parts of the country; the risk is much lower in the mountains of the Northwest Province and the arid areas in the extreme north. Prophylactics are recommended because of the severity of some strains of malaria in the country.

Other tropical diseases are also common, including dysentery, bilharzia, hepatitis, and giardia. There are occasional outbreaks of cholera in Yaounde and Douala, but these rarely affect travelers.

There are several good-quality hospitals in the country. Most are located in Douala or Yaounde, but Kumbo has two very good private hospitals as well.

It's highly recommended that you receive required vaccinations beforehand.


To make local and international calls you need to buy a pre-paid SIMcard. Check if your cell phone has a compatible GSM standard Africa/Europe - if not, in addition to a SIM cardyou probably need to buy a new phone. "MTN" and "Orange" are twomajor telephone companies in Cameroon.

You can find Internet access all over the place, but the speed might be slow.

National post service is considered to be unreliable.

Cameroon Tourism Montréal (http://www.cameroon-touri...) -Tourism office in North America.


French and English are the country's two official languages, although there are over 276 recognized languages in Cameroon.

The Northwest and Southwest provinces are anglophone, although in some areas pidgin English is more common. The rest of the country is predominantly francophone, although almost all areas will also have local languages.


Unless you are in stores and restaurants, you must bargain for everything. Offer 20-50% of the first price requested.


It is disrespectful to shake hands with your left hand, so use only your right. If you have something in your right hand or your right hand is dirty or wet, it is polite to extend your wrist for the person to shake with his right hand. If both of your hands are occupied, it is polite to touch wrists.

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