Cape Verde


The national holiday is the 5th of July, Independence Day.


Cape Verde pop. 506,000 is located 500 km from the west coast of Africa. The once uninhabited islands were discovered and colonized by the Portuguese in the 15th century; they subsequently became a trading center for African slaves and later an important coaling and re-supply stop for whaling and transatlantic shipping. Independence was achieved in 1975.

Most Cape Verdeans have both African and Portuguese antecedents.


Cape Verde’s climate is temperate, with a warm, dry summer. As a part of the greater Sahel region of Africa precipitation is meager and falls between the months of June to February, peaking in September.

Some islands see almost no rain, these are Sal, Boa Vista and Maio. The islands with the most rain fall are Santiago, Fogo and Santo Antao.