Congo is the centre of popular African music. The rhythms are irresistible, once you get the feel for it. Try visiting a local bar or disco, in Bandal or Matonge both in Kinshasa, if possible with live soukouss music, and just hit the dance floor!

As a matter of fact 60 percent of the Congolese population work in informal means of work such as selling food,drink,clothes, a market.The other 30 percent work in more mid-formal mid-informal jobs like working at a shopping center/mall,bakery,clothes store,restaurant,etc..

Finally thesmall10 percent pursue more formal careers like being Journalists,Bank managers/Bankers,Business men or Hotel/Restaurant owners.This job formation applies only to those in cities or towns those in more rural and isolated places are very poor and trade small things like Nuts,Palm oil and fruits in order to gain money that is only enough for two meals a day)

It would be seriously helpful if you learnt lingala while in the western region of the Congo and Swahili in the east , however French is more useful.