Club Hermes
Rue de Genève

Underground club, low key. Good security at the door. 1,000 Djiboutian francs per beer.


Decent DJ, small dance floor. 1,000 Djiboutian francs/beer and 1,500 Djiboutian francs for mixed drinks.

Club Menelik

Inside the Menelik Hotel, security is good here. Drinks are 1,000 Djiboutian francs/beer & 1,500 Djiboutian francs/mixed drink. The music here ranges widely, but often times consists of '90's to current hip-hop & R&B.

La Mer Rouge
+253 340005
near airport

For genuine seafood lovers, a new restaurant specialized in seafood: crab, fresh fish snapper, king fish, shark, grouper, etc., live lobster, clams and mussels.

La Oasis

Nice place with a second, smaller bar upstairs.

Le Maries

Nice place with a dancefloor in the front alongside a bar. In the back are a bunch of couches where all the Sheesha smoking takes place again, 1,000 francs to participate.

Golden Club

This place could hold a special place in your heart... 1,000 Franc Beers, Pool for 500 Francs and a dancefloor. The best sheesha in Djibouti here also of course, for 1,000 francs. No trip is complete without stopping in there.