Ethiopia has one of the lowest unemployment rate in Africa. The unemployment rate is 5% 2005. ( that the average income is about 120 US-dollar/month per inhabitant.

The country's economy is based on agriculture. 69% of the people lead an agrarian lifestyle CCO.However, in the big cities, especially in Addis-Ababa,

There is a high demand of IT professionals.

Many start-up companies search for individuals with computer networking and consulting backgrounds.

Addis-Ababa has the highest number of NGOs in Africa, and possibly among all third world countries. They are reputed for providing generous salaries to their employees.

Many expatriates work in NGOs and small start-up IT companies.

Compared with other African cities, Addis-Ababa has a high number of big, medium and small sized computer training schools, and governmental and private learning institutions. Many students who attend hope to obtain an IT or consulting job, in the very scarce job market of the city.

There are many opportunities to volunteer in and around Addis Ababa. Organizations such as Love Volunteers ( and Projects Abroad (http://www.projects-abroa...) offer a range of volunteer projects including teaching English, caring for children and healthcare.