The legal drinking/purchasing age of alcoholic beverages is 18, although it is not strictly enforced. However, it is illegal for anyone of Islamic faith to consume alcoholic beverages.

Gambia's own beer, Julbrew is worth a try. It's made by Banjul Breweries, who also make soft drinks.

Palm Wine

Is juice from palmtrees that is collected and fermented. it is used as a kind of wine by the locals, and you may get a chance to try it if you go on a tour to rural gambia.

Baobab juice


You can most of the well known spirits and liqueurs in the tourist areas along the coastal strip

Spitits, Beers & Cigarettes

Julbrew is a lager based beer, it is mainly sold in bottles but you can get in a draught form which is a lot less gassey than the bottled. You can get most of the spirits you would expect to find at home and they are still a lot cheaper than the Costas, Greece or Turkey. Whisky, Rum, Gin, Vodka, Brandy are freely available as well as Curacao and Tia Maria. Cigarettes can be bought very cheaply at around GBP2.50, Euro 2.80 per 200 pack from all the main supermarkets or in the tourist areas. Better yet try the local street vendors, the local price is just 80p 40 Dalasi per pack.