Or jollof rice — a traditional west african rice dish with onions, spices, tomatoes or tomato paste mixed with meat, fish or vegetables.

Chicken Yassa

Chicken boiled with onion, black pepper and lime or lemon.


Meat stew with rice and peanut butter sauce.


Lots and lots of peanuts, the main crop of The Gambia.

International food

Please don't be put off by what you may hear about Gambian cuisine, everything may come with rice but don't forget rice is a staple in most of the world. But if you're after something your stomach is used to, then there is a plethora of international restaurants to choose from where you can have a Chinese or Indian curry, good old fish & chips or Japanese noodles, and there's also Thai, Lebanese, German, Dutch and Mexican. In fact food in Gambia is truly international and the fish is to die for.