Kenya has some of the finest eating establishments in Africa. Many different cuisines and types of restaurants are available, from Thai to Chinese to Traditional Kenyan Fare, most people will find something to their liking. Most reputable restaurants, however, are in major cities like Nairobi and Mombasa, with the majority being in Nairobi. There are many high end restaurants such as Caramel in Nairobi, some of them attached to Five star hotels,which are expensive but worth it unless you are looking to experience true Kenyan cuisine.Street food is also definitely worth a try and usually safe to eat, however, do avoid most boiled food unless you are sure of the water source. Mandazi are sweet bread-like treats that are often sold on the street, maize grilled with a side of chili to add on is a wonderful snack and very cheap, samosas are awesome and don't be hesitant to try all the other yummy stuff they're selling! Also, fruit stand are everywhere-the mangoes and avocados are to die for and can be bought for about KES10-20. Many restaurants can be found downtown and in the areas of Westlands and Hurlingham but these areas are filled with tourists while places like Ayani, Olympic, Kibera, have more authentic food but are less safe, both hygienically and security wise. Among the many cuisines available are Indian, Brazilian, Chinese, Thai, Japanese, German and French restaurants.

Fast food restaurants range from traditional American style restaurants like KFC, Dominos,Subway and Cold Stone Creamery to South African establishments such as Steers and Debonairs.There are also well established Kenyan food chains such as Big Square, McFrys and Kenchic. Most fast food outlets do deliver within Nairobi and Mombasa

Coffee culture is alive and well; with many local establishments available, the most prevalent being Java House, which operates 29 branches in Nairobi and more in major towns and cities across the country. Other establishments include Artcaffe, Vida e Caffe and Dormans. These places are great for a daily fix of coffee, however, they do tend to be on the pricier side, so be prepared.

If you want an unforgettable experience then check out Carnivore Restaurant, which is famous for its exotic meats. You can sample crocodile, ostrich, camel etc. depending on what is brought in. The meat is all-you-can-eat and comes with salad and a variety of dips. Not a great restaurant for vegetarians, although there is an option available. There is also the adjoining Simba Saloon for those who want a more standard restaurant menu.