By bus
By bus

Regular bus services operate between:

Nairobi Kenya & Arusha Tanzania;Nairobi Kenya & Kampala Uganda;Mombasa Kenya & Dar-es-Salaam Tanzania;Kisumu Kenya & Kampala Uganda;

Reliable bus services on these routes include Kampala Coach, Easy Coach, Crown Buses, Modern Coast, Mash, among others.

From Arusha, Tanzania you can get use many shuttle services. Some of the reliable ones are Riverside Shuttle as well as Impala Shuttle. The shuttles have regular daily trips between Marangu, Moshi, Arusha, Nairobi International Airport and Nairobi City. These are scheduled twice a day. These are more recommended for safety and is the fastest way to get to Nairobi by bus. Bookings can now be made in advance for the two shuttles mentioned online at BusAfrica.

By plane
By plane

Kenya Airways KQ is the national airline. KQ has extensive regional Johannesburg-South Africa, Harare-Zimbabwe, Cairo-Egypt, Entebbe-Uganda, Accra-Ghana, etc) and international connections Dubai-UAE, London-UK, Amsterdam-Netherlands, Mumbai-India, etc. It is also a SkyTeam associate member.

Kenya has four International airports:

Jomo Kenyatta International Airport NBO in Nairobi. Approximately twenty minutes from the main business district.

Moi International Airport in Mombasa.

Kisumu International Airport Kisumu the main airport connecting western Kenya with the world.

Eldoret International Airport local flights and cargo only.

Jomo Kenyatta is the primary arrival point for visitors flying into Kenya. There are excellent flight connections provided by KQ to major tourist destinations such as Mombasa, Kisumu and Malindi.

Major airlines that serve NBO are:

Air Arabia

Air Mauritius

Air Seychelles

British Airways

Brussels Airlines

Egypt Air


Ethiopian Airlines

Etihad Airways

Gulf Air

Kenya Airways

KLM Royal Dutch

Saudi Arabian Airlines

South African Airways

Swiss International Airlines

Turkish Airlines

Qatar Airways

An increasing number of airlines are flying to Kenya, and Nairobi's Jomo Kenyatta International Airport has become a hub for East and Central Africa. National carrier and biggest airline in the country is Kenya Airways, which among others also provides direct flights from Nairobi to several West African countries, e.g., Lagos in Nigeria, Bamako in Mali, as well as direct flights to Bangkok and connections to Hong Kong and China. A recent code-share agreement with Korean Airlines has also brought the Korean peninsula within reach.

By ship
By ship

This is limited to Lake Victoria e.g., Mwanza in Tanzania to Kisumu in Kenya and the coastal area e.g., Mombasa-Zanzibar cruises.

By train
By train

Train services link only Kenya's major cities. There is no passenger train service linking Kenya with neighbouring countries, though there are cargo lines.

By car
By car

Roads are mostly in good condition accessible and paved in all but the most remote regions of the country, especially in the North Eastern Region. All neighbouring countries can be accessed including Ethiopia via the border town of Moyale, Uganda via Busia or Malaba, and Tanzania via Namanga.

The Country is crisscrossed by a wide highway network, this includes:-A104- This links Nairobi to Uganda and TanzaniaA109- Mombasa - NairobiA2-Nairobi to The Northern Ethiopian Border A1-From the Southern Sudanese border, Through western Kenya to Tanzania

Beware of overland routes coming through the northern deserts as these are essentially lawless regions. Most vehicles travelling through the area travel via armed convoy.