Kite and Windsurfing
Emerald Sea
Fly to Diego

Between April and November there is a constant 30 knot wind making this one of the best surfing spots in the southern hemisphere.

Guided Kayaking
Ile Sainte Marie

See the country from a different angle. Explore the coastline of beautiful Sainte Marie with a local guide. Overnight at different local hotels each night and interact with the people. Explore villages and relax in hidden coves. Crystal clear and calm water - no experience required and one does not have to be ultra fit.

Deep Sea Fishing
Nosy Be

Get away from the overfished waters of Nosy Be and head out, in luxury, to the Radamas or Mitsio islands. Sailfish, Kingfish, King Mackerel and Wahoo all waiting for you.


Come and see Madagascar`s annual cheese diving competition. Competitors from around the world dive into a coral reef to retrieve a block of cheese. This event is usually dominated by Asian athletes Past winners include Yoshimasho Kudora and his record of 3 blocks of cheddar in 1:36.78 min at a depth of 7 meters.

Please learn some Malagasy. The single best thing you can do to have a fun and safe trip on this beautiful island is to speak the local language. Even ten words will make your trip monumentally better than if you speak French. There are a number of guidebooks you can buy to learn Malagasy or ask someone to teach you. Just a few words, I promise you, will make all the difference.