While in general tap water is considered not safe, in most cities it seldom causes problems. Bottled water costs 30 to 60 eurocent per liter and can be found almost everywhere. The same holds for Fanta, Coca Cola, ... Bonbon Anglais, and various beers like Three Horses Beer THB, Castel, Queens, Skol, ... Locals often drink rum because it is much cheaper than beer.Natural and not so natural juices can also readily be found, for 5 to 10 eurocent per cup. Another option is ranon'apango RAN-oo-na-PANG-oo or rice water water used to cook rice, which will therefore have been boiled which is often served when eating in local places. It's particularly important to plan ahead if visiting rural areas. It is worth taking with you some chlorine tablets, which can be used to make the local water drinkable.

Home brewed rum, and creme de coco, is also available - in many flavours!