Because of the dramatic decline in the number of tourists/visitors due to the conflict in the north, many hotels have closed across the country...even high-end ones. This includes some of the hotels in Mali listed on Wikitravel pages. Since this is likely a temporary closure until tourist numbers bounce back, closed hotels haven't been deleted from lists of hotels in Mali on city pages. When traveling to Mali, travelers should keep in mind that the hotel where they plan to stay may be closed and plan appropriately. July 2012

There are various types of accommodation options of various prices and qualities. You will pay $60-$100 per night and up for a what would be a decent to nice hotel by western standards. At the other end of the spectrum you can pay about $5-$10 per night for a bed or mattress usually with mosquito net and sheets in a room or on the roof. Such places will usually have toilets and showers in a shared facility think campsite camping with less gear. All tourist areas have hotels or auberges and many places will also have homestays. Sleeping on the roof terrace, if available, is not only the cheapest option but also usually the coolest and gives you the pleasure of sleeping under the stars which are incredibly bright outside of Bamako because there is so little light pollution - just use your mosquito net and be prepared to wake to prayer call at 5AM.