Most foreigners looking to study in Morocco are seeking either Arabic or French language courses. All major cities have language centres, and some will even arrange homestays with an Arabic-speaking family during your course.

Qalam wa Lawh Center for Arabic Studies

(, 3 ave. ahmed balafrej, souissi rabat. tel: +212 5 37 75 57 90, offers courses in modern standard arabic, colloquial moroccan arabic, arabic calligraphy, moroccan culture, and islamic history.

Subul Assalam Centre for the Arabic Language (SACAL)

(, meknes way, lotissement al hadika, lot no. q4/008, fez. tel: +212 35 65 07 06, offers courses in modern standard arabic, moroccan colloquial arabic and a series of english language courses on islam and morocco.

The Institute for Language Communication Studies

(, 29 oukaimeden st, agdal in rabat. tel: 37 67 59 68, fax: 37 67 59 65, the insitute is one such centre with accelerated and intensive courses starting from dh 3,000.

The Arabic Language Institute in Fez (ALIF)

(, b.p. 2136, fez 30000, morocco. tel: 212/35 62 48 50, fax: 212/35 93 16 08, this is language school offering a variety of coursework in both moroccan arabic and modern standard arabic.

Dar Loughat - Cross-Cultural Language Center

(, tel: +212 66 66 8 77 88, dar loughat is a professional language center in morocco providing intensive courses in all levels of modern standard arabic and colloquial moroccan arabic throughout the year. through various immersion and language exchange activities, dar loughat provides its students daily contact with moroccan life, allowing them to expand their vocabulary, improve their spoken language performance and better understand the local culture.

Arabic language Educational Tours

(, jcm bp 775 gueliz principal 40000,marrakech,morocco , tel: +212 6 70 96 27 57, fax: +212 524 42 35 89 go morocco is an educational tour organisation founded to promote educational and academic tours in morocco. offer modern standard arabic and colloquial moroccan arabic, start date each mmonday. private and group courses are offered.

Note; At most places, both in cities and in the countryside, you have the possibility to sleep on the roof or terrace. This will normally cost you 20-25 dirham and you're provided with matresses and a warm blanket. Just ask the receiptionist in the hotel/auberge/gite. If you wanna ask in french, which works fairly good, you can say ca sera possible de dormir sur la terrace, s'il vous plait?Often you can bargain on the price and if it's more than 30 dirham you should bargain.


Marrakech can make a good base for exploring the High Atlas or for organizing one to four day Sahara treks.


There are two types of Hammam steam baths across Morocco.

The first is the tourist hammam, where you can go and be pampered and scrubbed by an experienced staff member. As these are promoted only to tourists they are the more expensive option with pricing usually around DH 150 for a hammam. They can not be technically referred to as a proper hammam, but they are nonetheless enjoyable, especially for the timid. Your hotel can recommend a good one.

The second option is to visit a "popular" Hammam. Popular hammams are the places where the locals go. Ask the staff at your hotel where they would go.

At the popular hammams, you do it all yourself. To make the most of a popular hammam, you need to take a scrubbing mitten available cheap in the Souks, a towel, and some extra underwear otherwise, you will be going home without any, as it will be sopping wet. Popular hammams are often only identified by tiles around a door and entrance way. If you do not speak French or Arabic, it could be a daunting, or at least a very memorable, experience. Men & women have either separate session times or separate hammams.

Nudity in a popular hammam is strictly forbidden for men, so be prepared to wear your underwear or a bathing suit. For women, you'll see some wearing underwear and some going naked.

Whilst in a popular hammam, you may be offered help and a massage from another person. It is essential to remember that this massage is nothing but a massage, with no other intentions. Sexual contact or presumption of sexual contact does not occur in these places. If you accept a massage, be prepared to return the favor.

Normal entrance prices for a popular hammam are DH 7-15, a scrub will cost around DH 30, and a massage another DH 30.