As a country the Portuguese occupation has a profound impact on local foods that has produced some of the most unique and interesting cuisine within Southern Africa. Towards the coast a great deal of seafood is used within even the most basic of dishes, however, in land the maize based partridges common throughout Africa becomes staple but with some Portuguese flair.


Also known as the african bird's-eye chili this extremely strong chili is common is sauce form throughout the country.


Also known as portuguese rolls or pregobeef no pã£u and bifana pork . a floury and often semi-sweet bread roll, typically served with meat in the center.


A seafood clam, crab or prawnstew made with casave leaves and generally served over rice. this is one of the mozambique staples.

Camarão National

Are mozambican prawns marinaded in a piri-piri, garlic, onion, lemon and vinegar.

Cray fish

And other seafood. these are caught off the beach throughout the country and will generally be prepared with a piri-piri marinade, served with rice and matapa.


This is a bitter tasting local vegetable.