By train

By train
By train

The national railway company of Namibia, TransNamib (, operates trains and buses to destinations all over Namibia via their StarLine passenger service. Some routes available are



Windhoek-Swakopmund-Walvis Bay

Windhoek-Keetmanshoop formerly also to Upington in South Africa but not any more

Walvis Bay-Swakopmund-Tsumeb

The StarLine scheduled service conveys passengers via special coaches hooked on the back of freight trains. These passenger coaches offer comfortable airline-style seating with air-conditioning and sometimes video entertainment. Vending machines provide refreshments on long journeys. StarLine, +264 061 298-2032,, fax: +264 (061 298-2495).  edit

Other rail services operating in the country are:

By train
Desert Express
+264 (0)61 298-2600

The Desert Express is a luxury tourist train that traverses Namibia regularly, taking tourists to such destinations as Walvis Bay, Swakopmund and Etosha National Park. Buses are used to transport visitors from train stations to the various sights.

By car

By car
By car

Despite the vast distances in Namibia, most people get around by land, and not air. If renting a car, plan to have plenty of cash on hand to fill the tank with gasoline. Gas stations typically do not accept any form of payment except cash. A small tip for the attendant pumping your gasoline of NAD 3-5 is quite common. If you are on the back roads of Namibia, it's always wise to stop and top-off your tank when you see a service station. Fuel shortages are also common so always be prepared for the possibility of not being able to buy as much gasoline as you may like.

Namibia's roads are very good, with primary routes paved, and secondary routes of well-graded gravel. An all-wheel drive vehicle is not necessary except on tertiary roads and the Skeleton Coast. Driving at night is very dangerous because there is a lot of wildlife on the roads. Traffic drives on the left. Namibian roads eat tires. Always check your spare and inspect your tires often. Its a good idea to purchase the tire insurance that your rental car company might offer, too.

Namibians often estimate the time to drive between places according to their experience driving quickly on dirt untarred roads. Add a third and you will arrive alive with kidneys intact!

Before you reserve a car let the rental company send you a copy of it's rental agreement. Most of them have many and sometimes absolutely ridiculous restrictions. Take your time to compare them according to your needs.

By car
Europcar Car Hire
+264 61-227103

Car rentals in Namibia.

By car
Kalahari car hire
109 Daan Bekker Street, Windhoek
+264 61 252 690
By car
CABS Car hire Namibia
282 Independence Ave, Windhoek
+264 61 305 912
By car
Windhoek Car Hire
124 Andimba Toivo Ya Toivo Street, Windhoek
+264 61 306 553
By car
Thrifty Car Rental
+264 61 220 738

Offers 24 hour car rental service for a scenic drive through Namibia

By car
AAA Car Hire
+264 811 246 286

Sedan, 4WD and bus rentals in Namibia.

By car
Dial A Cab
+264 811270557
24 hours a day
By Minibus Taxi

It is quite easy to get around using combies shared or long-distance taxis. Just ask around to find out where the taxi rank is sometimes there are several taxi ranks, each one with departures to different areas of the country. Drivers are not in the habit of overcharging foreigners.

By plane
+264 (61) 221091

Offers both scheduled and charter flights throughout the country

By Tour

Several tour companies operate in Namibia. Each is unique in services offered but most operate with safety in mind.

By bus

Operates air-conditioned buses and trains to destinations all over Namibia via their StarLine service.