Nigerien artisanal specialties include:

intricately imprinted leather boxes ranging from small 5cm boxes to full-size trunks

other leather goods

silver jewelry

colorful hand-woven wedding blankets

colored straw mats and here, we don't mean the plastic mats from China

fabric only the Enitex brand is made in Niger, but there are many other kinds that are also good

See the Niamey section and the Balleyara section for sample prices of these goods and where to find them.

The currency used in Niger is the CFA Franc FCFA — XOF — pronounced "say-fah". $1 = 464 FCFA as of January 2010.

ATMs — Mastercard/ Maestro withdrawals are available at Banque Atlantique in Niamey.

Credit cards are almost never accepted anywhere.

American dollars and other foreign currency are not accepted as currency, only to exchange into local money via a bank or black market. Exception: near the border of Nigeria, Nigerian currency Naira is accepted.

Bargaining and haggling is essential and expected. It's best to have a low price and a maximum price in mind before entering into a negotiation. If the price is higher than you want, just say thanks and walk away: if you were offering a fair price you will be called back. If you were offering too low a price, you won't be called back, but you can always go back later and offer more.