Republic of the Congo

Odzala National Park - Visitors have reported seeing hundreds of lowland gorillas, monkeys and even elephants in Odzala. The park has five camps with eating facilities and trips can be arranged for a maximum of four people. With long days and plenty of hiking, you will need to be in good physical shape.

Congo River - Speaks for itself- Africa and the world's most famous river adventure.

The Congo Tank Graveyard - A special hidden spot outside Brazzaville city limits with hundreds of rusting old tanks from the great war of Africa over the Congo. Quite eerie and unique.

Ndoki far north and Douli far west National Park - In the far ends of the country, Congo shines brightly in the same league with Tanzania and South Africa for wildlife, and far above them for scenery.

Louana National Park - See the gorillas before they're gone! This is your best and perhaps cheapest chance to see gorillas in a wild setting!

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