Reunion is part of the Eurozone, so as in many other European Union countries the currency used is the euro symbol: €.

It is compulsory, for the large majority of businesses, to post prices in windows. Hotels and restaurants must have their rates visible from outside.

Most shops accept international credit cards Visa and Mastercard but most of them require a minimum amount for credit cards payments usually €15.

There are a number of ATM machines called "gabier" which don't charge you for using them.


Here are some ideas for gifts:




local music

book or dvd about volcano eruptions


Most shops are closed on Sunday.

Most supermarkets are open from 9:00AM to 8:00PM, Monday to Saturday. Some of them are open on Sunday morning.

You can find traditional objects in some shops but it's often easier and cheaper to go to a market marché. The market in Saint-Paul is famous and you'll also find fruits and vegetables: it gathers on Friday morning and afternoon and on Saturday morning.

It's a good place to buy African traditional objects, such as Oware an abstract strategy game of Akan origin.