Thanks to Reunion's history, cuisine is a mix of cultures: French, Indian Tamil & Bhojpuri , Chinese & African.

Typical dishes are cari and rougail which are a meat or fish cooked in a sauce and eaten with rice.

Depending on the season, many tropical fruits are available, like litchee in December, mango, pineapple Victoria is the tastiest, bananas, papaya.

At lunchtime, you can have many kinds of sandwiches and samoussas in snack-bars cheap but not very balanced, except for the spicy "achards sandwich", and find restaurants easily average of 10-15 USD.

Reunionese cuisine is quite safe, but ask for some samples if noted to be spicy to ensure that they're not too spicy. The spice level is below that of spicy Indian cuisine.

The main local drink is rum. The lowest quality rum is made from fermented cane sugar molasses and is not aged thus its color is clear. It is often drunk as rhum arrangé - rum flavored by fruit and spices. Rhum arrangé, being fruity and sugary, is easy to drink but beware of the high alcohol content! Higher quality rum is rhum agricole, made from fermented cane sugar juice. It is either clear, or aged in oak barrels, giving it a brown colour.