Passport And Visa

For people that are citizens of an EU country there is no visa requirement or need for a work permit, as Reunion is one of the overseas d├ępartements of France. Reunion is not part of the Schengen area so Reunion has their own immigration and visa rules for citizens from a non EU country. Citizens of Mauritius, for example, do not need a visa for short visits to Reunion but do need a visa to visit mainland France.

By plane
By plane

The main airport is Roland Garros International Airport located near Saint-Denis RUN. The vast majority of intercontinental flights arriving at Reunion come from France, with a handful of other airports through the Indian Ocean. Airlines flying to Reunion are the following:

Air France
( operates direct flights between Paris Orly and Roland Garros.
Air Austral
( is the principal local airline, which serves numerous destinations in Africa and the Indian Ocean South Africa, Comoros, Mauritius, Madagascar, Mayotte and the Seychelles, as well as Paris Roissy and Charles de Gaulle airports. Air Austral also offers transfers onto the TGV-Air service for various destinations within France, and the Thalys line from Paris towards Brussels. If coming from Asia, there exists a seasonal service from Bangkok Suvarnabhumi airport.
( offers a weekly service to Paris Orly, Lyon, Marseille and Toulouse.
Air Mauritius
( has daily flights from Roland Garros Airport. They travel to the islands, Africa, the Middle East, India, Asia, Indonesia, Europe, the Nordic countries, and Oceania. They do not fly to North or South America.

An alternative to the main airport in the North of the Island is Pierrefonds "International" Airport ZSE in the South of the Island, which receives flights from Mauritius operated by Air Mauritius and Air Austral. As Pierrefonds is a small airport, and seems to have a lot of staff, you can expect a thorough security interrogation and bag search on your way in and out of the country. It can be much cheaper to fly into ZSE airport. However, unless you have business in the South, it is best to avoid Pierrefonds as an arrival point because it is quite a small airport very far from the main tourist hubs like Saint-Denis one-hour driveand Saint-Gilles 35 minutes drive. It will cost you between 80-120 Euros by taxi to get from this airport to your hotel in the North and there is no guarantee you will be able to find one waiting outside: in this case, the agents at the information desk will be happy to call one for you. So factor airport transfer costs into your budget when deciding which airport to use. You can hire a car directly from the airport arrivals lounge which is also the departure lounge! but make sure in advance that the car hire company will be open when you arrive. Upon departure you may leave your rental car keys at the help desk of the airport, provided you make the necessary arrangements with the car hire company in advance.

Pierrefonds is also a hub for plane and helicopter tours of the Island, and it's quite likely you will end up here if you book a flyover of the Volcano, for example.

By ship
By ship

From Reunion, it is possible to reach Mauritius and Madagascar by boat. Two ferry services offer these routes, the Mauritius Pride and the Mauritius Trochetia. They can be reached through the following address: 4, avenue du 14-Juillet 1789, 97420, Le Port. Telephone: 0262.42.19.45.

Throughout the year, a number of cruise liners dock on the island. More information should be sought through individual cruise companies.