The currency is the Rwandan Franc RWF, which can be divided into 100 centimes. As of November 2012, 1 US Dollar USD is equivalent to 617 RWF's.

The smallest-value note is a 500 RWF note, which is the smallest note in physical size, as well. There are also notes in denominations of 1,000, 2,000, and 5,000 RWF, with the larger notes becoming slightly larger in physical size. There are no generally-circulated notes over 5,000 RWF. Since few places in Rwanda accept credit cards, travelers need to carry cash if traveling outside of Kigali, especially if staying longer than a few days.

Coins valued at 100 RWF are commonly used. It is common for most businesses in Rwanda, including currency exchangers and gas stations, to round transactions to the nearest 100 RWF.

There are ATMs all over Kigali, in every bank branch. Depending on your bank, this can be a much cheaper way to get francs because the ATMs use a much better exchange rate than currency exchanges.

Akagera Park
Nyagatare, Rwanda
from 85-120 USD
Near Tanzania- Rwanda border

Akagera national park derives its name from a combination of labyrinth swamps and lakes that follow the Akagera River. Embark on wildlife game drives and boat trip on Lake Ihema for opportunities watch big game like hippos, elephants, giraffes, buffaloes and an extensive list of over 300 bird species