In most shops you will find milk, water, juices and soft drinks. In most bars the choice is limited to their offering of about 5 different sodas and 5 different beers, Turbo King, Primus, Mützig, Amstel and Skol. Primus, Skol and Mützig are available in small and large sizes, whereas Amstel is available only in 330ml bottles. Note that Rwandans are known for their fondness for large beers and when you order Amstel, small Skol, Primus or Mutzig, it is common for a server to bring out 2 bottles at a time. Bralirwa in the north of the Rwanda produces most of the beer and soft drinks available in Rwanda while Brasserie de Mille Collines BMC produces Skol. Inyange produces juices and soft drinks. There are also local banana beer preparations called Urgwagwa, normally brewed at home and available at some shops and bars. Ubuki is made from fermented honey and has an alcohol content of about 12%.